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Virginia City is a very real ghost town.  It is tucked away high in the mountains of Southwestern Montana.  One hundred living beings occupy the town year-round, give or take a few.  There are countless beings from the next world who have returned to share this place with the living.  

Some of the story lines in The Virginia City Mysteries are plucked straight from history.  Others are plucked from the fertile imagination of the author.  Any resemblance of the book’s characters to real persons or their actions is purely coincidental, of course.

Chock full of history and mystery, Virginia City is one of the most delightful places you’ll ever encounter, whether you come here as a tourist or as a reader – or as a ghost.

The Mystery at the Hebrew Cemetery

The Mystery of Clubfoot George

The Mystery of the Opera House and the Sisters of Charity

with more mysteries to follow . . .

Read the Virginia City Mysteries, written by the owner of  Tea 'N Scandal!

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